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This Offer Is Exclusively for the Minority of Marketers — Is that You?

We’ve written this exclusively for the minority of marketers—that small group of people who do not follow the status quo.

This post, and the subsequent ones which follow on this blog, are for the maverick marketers, the daring designers and the persistent producers who rebel against mediocrity. If you believe in the power of creativity, originality and aesthetic excellence, then keep reading.

We understand your position. We know you live in a lonely, isolated and often misunderstood world. We know that at times you seem to be fighting the good fight all by yourself. We know you need an ally, a partner and someone who can help you push the boundaries of creativity.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mass marketing, the majority mindset prevails. Brands follow other brands. Big ideas get reined in and shot down for being too risky. Strategies are rehashed year after year because they seem safe and somewhat effective. Creativity is watered down with each round of revision, and marketing happens by consensus or committee.

Everywhere we look, we see more of the same. The same tactics, the same messages, the same digital-centric experiences and the same shallow attempts at connection. We’re tired of being bombarded with mediocrity. We’re sick of boring images, copy-cat creative and hum-drum experiences. And guess what? It’s not just us. Audiences are sick of it too.

A few months ago we decided to do something about it. Now, we’re inviting you to join us.

Concord Creative is the product of years of successful collaboration between Tojo, Inc, a custom fabrication and scenic shop, and Vellum, LLC, a design and photography studio. After a decade or so supporting designers, brands, producers and creative teams, we learned that the creative community is in desperate need of partners who can help them deliver truly original, meaningful and irresistible creative.

Clients come to us when they have a vision, an idea or a desire to do something extraordinary for their audience. Sometimes they know exactly what they want. Sometimes they only have a rough idea. Sometimes they’re stuck, unsure what to do or what’s even possible. Whatever the situation, we’re here to help. We’ll provide the extra pair of the hands, material knowledge, artistry, craftsmanship, studio, skills and expertise that lead to the highest form of creative expression.

Every encounter is an opportunity to customize the experience for you audience. We can help when it comes to:

Creativity is a collaboration, and our mission is simple. We want to help the minority rise above the abundance of meaningless noise that’s being generated by the majority. We’re committed to helping bring forth creative that’s contrary to the ordinary.

Join us as we start a movement to save creativity and thrill audiences. Together, we can turn ideas into realities and bring back what’s missing in most of today’s creative.

Follow our blog, check out our work here, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Better yet, let’s talk through and idea, a desire or project.

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