We specialize in distinctive, one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory designs. Our senior-level designers and stylists have a passion for surface and product design, brand visualization and expression, environmental design, event design and styling and interiors. Our clients also come to us when they want to enhance their branding, packaging, presentations and marketing assets.

Through trend watching, curiosity, research, continuing education, psychology and our vast pool of experience and knowledge, we ensure that our clients’ brands, products, images and marketing stand out and shine through the noise of modern media.

Surface and Product Design

When it comes to product and surface design, our focus is on how form and function connect to human experiences. Our team provides the research, substantiation, concepts, drafting and modeling for product design teams. Our innovative design solutions and construction techniques have resulted in three United States Patents and numerous awards. We help our clients determine the colors, textures, patterns and trends their audiences want and need.

Environmental Design

Designing and creating visual experiences that spark excitement is our passion and our specialty. We carefully design and curate the images, graphics, color palettes, textures, materials, furnishings and messages that make the strongest human connection within the space. Our experience includes space design, planning, drafting, rendering, concepts and 3-dimensional design for events, showrooms, lobbies, retail and restaurants. We also provide trade-level acquisition of high design resources, specialty items and furnishings.

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