Our History


Concord Creative is proud to be a minority- and female-owned studio. We are the result of years of successful collaboration between Tojo, Inc., a scenic and custom fabrication shop founded by Tom Tjoflat, and Vellum, LLC, a brand visualization and photography studio led by Cindy Tjoflat. In 2016, Cindy and Tom Tjoflat combined their creative forces to establish a much-needed, one-stop shop for set design; photography; styling and decor; props; exhibits; video; brand visualization and consultation; custom fabrication; branded environments; and more. True visionaries, Tom and Cindy infuse every project with their creative passion. Alongside their collective team, they consistently raise the bar in delivering the highest-quality product.


ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French concorde, from Latin concordia, from concors ‘of one mind,’ from con – ‘together’  and cor, cord – ‘heart.’

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