Our photography makes a personal connection. We leverage every means possible to relate brands and products to their human audience. And when you shoot as many room scenes as we do, you find clever ways to create emotional interest. We advocate for a blend of product, brand and human-centered photography, such as lifestyle and editorial.

Up-close detail shots and conceptual images are also important, as they pique viewer curiosity. Detail shots invite audiences to take a closer look at a product’s ingredients, features and textures. Commissioned, conceptual images make substandard stock images obsolete, allowing brands to convey their story, ideas, concepts and values as they see fit, whether it’s their commitment to teamwork, durability, sustainability or luxury. Conceptual, or abstract, images boost engagement at trade shows, in physical spaces such as lobbies and meeting rooms, in sales presentations and on social media.

We’ve been producing powerful images since darkrooms were still in vogue, and we balance the latest technology, lighting and innovations with our pre-digital experience to ensure that every photograph has the highest artistic quality. Concord Creative has a vast portfolio that includes interiors, furnishings, furniture, fashion, lifestyle, food, product and architectural photos.

In addition to our own projects, our studio has become a hub for creativity, attracting professional photographers, production teams and agencies in need of a well-appointed, rental studio in the Atlanta area.

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