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As artists and makers, we inspire each other. Knowing that it is just as important to recognize someone else’s accomplishments as it is your own, we’ve dedicate this section of our website to do just that.

Enjoy – and we hope you too will be inspired!


”Volumes” is a CGI art film by Moscow artist Maxim Zhestkov exploring the juxtaposition of emotions with the laws of nature. His latest computer generated video work ”Video” explores billions of colourful particles dance, play and communicate with each other in an eternal hypnotic ballet governed by the invisible wind of fate. Each frame in ”Volumes” presents a new digital sculpture, blending ambient sound and the motion of the particles – representative of Zhestkov’s diverse skill set.

Inverso Mundus is an upside down reality where roles are reversed – children punish their teachers, pig guts the butcher and a donkey is being carried on a back of a man.  An absurd social utopia reflecting on global issues and contemporary values.



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